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5 Things To Do on the Morning of Your Wedding

1. Make a timeline for everything.  It may seem silly, but plan exactly when you want to wake up, eat breakfast, deliver last minute gifts, pop champagne, etc. This will not only keep you on track, but also allow for more time to relax and fully enjoy your big day!  

2. Create a playlist with songs that remind you of the fun times you’ve shared with your fiancé, friends, and family! Pumping the music while you get ready will only add to the excitement! 

3. Kick off the celebrations early with a mimosa bar! These are the fun details that make for priceless memories and great pictures! 

4. Eat something, even if you don’t feel like it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the nerves, excitement, and craziness of the day. The last thing you want is to feel hungry or light headed during the ceremony! 

5. Enjoy being pampered by your hair/makeup artists and your friends and family! Take the time to relax and enjoy the VIP treatment. Everyone around you is there to support you and make you feel fabulous, so indulge and enjoy! 

5 Tips to Spice Up Your Life

We tend to live holiday to holiday without much excitement in between. We might plan a weekend trip here or there, but most weeks are routine and uneventful. Can you relate? Why not have more to look forward to? Check out the 5 tips & tricks we've compiled to keep life fun and interesting! 

1. Pick one day of the week to indulge. Taco Tuesdays? Wine Wednesdays? Pick a day to look forward to your favorite foods and/or drinks! 

2.  Spoil Yourself. Pick a subscription service and look forward to something every month! Ideas include: FabFitFun, BirchBox, Breo Box, Allure Beauty Box, Vine Oh!, Causebox, etc. 

3. Start a weekly or monthly tradition. Traditions can be as easy as grabbing drinks with your coworkers every Thursday after work or getting together once a month for a movie night with your best girl friends! 

4. Try something new. Make it your goal every week to change things up - take a different route to work one day, try a local coffee shop, or pick out something new at the grocery store. The smallest changes can make a big difference in spicing up your routine! 

5. Join or start a club. Clubs aren't just for high school! Start a book club with your friends or join a group in your community. We're all busy, but making time for something you enjoy is the best way to keep your life fun and interesting! 

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