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A Lover's Guide to Long-Distance

We've compiled 10 tips to keep your long-distance relationship alive and strong. Read our advice below!

1. Call and text each other throughout the day. Make your partner part of your daily life and constantly share what’s going on! Don’t wait until the end of the day to fill them in and don’t be afraid to share the details that seem unimportant. Frequent communication builds strong communication!

2. Communicate Creatively. Saying some form of “good morning” and “goodnight” is a must, but avoid being mundane by changing it up from time to time. Send a longer text once in a while, or call to say goodnight instead. On top of that, consider sending pictures, audio clips, and short videos to keep things exciting. A little extra effort goes a long way! 

3. Schedule frequent times to Skype or FaceTime. Texting is not enough to make a long-distance relationship last. Real-time communication is healthy and something to look forward to! Make Skype dates fun by eating dinner while you talk, wearing a new outfit, or planning your next visit! 

4. Celebrate everything! Even if you’re not together on a holiday or special occasion, find someway to celebrate together. Send a card, open gifts over Skype, type out an extra-thoughtful text, or plan a surprise for your partner via their friends! 

5. Create shared experiences. Even though you’re apart, do similar things! Reading the same book or watching the same TV show, for example, can give you things to talk about and make the distance feel smaller. 

6. Enjoy your independence. You may be better together but it’s important to be your own person too. Look at long-distance as an opportunity to better yourself as an individual! Strengthen relationships with friends and family, discover what you like to do, and find comfort in spending time alone. Investing in yourself is another way of investing in your relationship! 

7. Don’t avoid the tough questions. Talk to your partner about your expectations for the relationship and set some ground rules. It’s important to be on the same page about what you want and how you will act. 

8. Be honest and constantly reassure. When it comes to long-distance, transparency is key. Let your partner know if your feelings are changing and don’t avoid difficult conversations. Open communication will either set you back on track or lead to an outcome that was meant to be. If you’re happy in your relationship, communicate that too! Reassuring your partner that you’re committed is important in building a strong and lasting relationship. 

9. Have a goal in mind. How long do you plan on being apart? What does the future look like? Long-distance can’t last forever, eventually you’ll want to settle down and it’s important to be working towards the same goals. 

10. Visit one another! Trips create things to look forward to and allow you to see and understand your partner’s environment. When you visit, spend as much time together as possible, but also make time to meet each other’s friends and/or family. Being able to picture the details of your partner’s day-to-day life makes distance that much easier.