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Bridesmaids Gifts For the Day Of

The morning of a wedding is crazy, but it doesn’t need to be hectic or rushed. Save time to surprise your bridesmaids with a little extra “thank you!” and make sure the photographer is ready to snap some pics of you and your girls. Check below for some of our favorite morning-of bridesmaids gifts! 

You can't go wrong with matching robes! Shop online and find the perfect set for you and your bridal party. They're comfy, so cute, and ideal for getting ready!  

If you intend to start the celebrations early - this is the gift idea for you! Matching cocktail glasses are the perfect way to start the party! 

Goodie bags are a great way to incorporate lots of little gifts! Ideas include: a robe, coffee, a mug or glass, champagne, a snack, mints, lipstick, personalized "do not disturb" door hanger, and a note! The possibilities are endless! 

Matching slippers are the perfect gift for that early morning! They're cute, cozy, and guaranteed to be appreciated by your girl squad!