No Boys Allowed...It's Galentine's Day!

While couples are pondering what to get their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, I happened to realize that the holiday lands on a much more appreciated day in my book; Wine Wednesday. And, what’s Wine Wednesday without the gals? Ditch the boys and start planning for Galentine’s Day. This special day should be full of effortless treats, quality Rosé, and girl-power movies.

These DIY ideas are perfect for creating a girly ambiance with little effort. Get a simple white table cloth and black acrylic paint, and start brushing “XO”’s everywhere, or you could even use a white bed sheet and a thick permanent marker. They’ll be plenty of flowers available, so pick up a bouquet and throw some petals around the table, but keeping enough flowers for each of your girls to take home! Finally, grab some white balloons with your best shade of lipstick, and kiss those suckers goodbye.

Pair the delivery pizza with your favorite bottle of Rosé, and keep it flowing. For dessert, fondue is a great option that creates variety for everyone at the party. Instead of breaking out the fondue set and creating a huge mess that you’ll regret the next morning, a perfect alternative is Nutella. Pick up a jar of the hazelnut spread along with dipping items (strawberries, bananas, pound cake, pretzels, etc.) at the store. To wrap up the night, pull your best collection of chick-flicks out and enjoy the girl talk. 

Happy Galentine’s Day to all you beautiful ladies!