5 Tips to Spice Up Your Life

We tend to live holiday to holiday without much excitement in between. We might plan a weekend trip here or there, but most weeks are routine and uneventful. Can you relate? Why not have more to look forward to? Check out the 5 tips & tricks we've compiled to keep life fun and interesting! 

1. Pick one day of the week to indulge. Taco Tuesdays? Wine Wednesdays? Pick a day to look forward to your favorite foods and/or drinks! 

2.  Spoil Yourself. Pick a subscription service and look forward to something every month! Ideas include: FabFitFun, BirchBox, Breo Box, Allure Beauty Box, Vine Oh!, Causebox, etc. 

3. Start a weekly or monthly tradition. Traditions can be as easy as grabbing drinks with your coworkers every Thursday after work or getting together once a month for a movie night with your best girl friends! 

4. Try something new. Make it your goal every week to change things up - take a different route to work one day, try a local coffee shop, or pick out something new at the grocery store. The smallest changes can make a big difference in spicing up your routine! 

5. Join or start a club. Clubs aren't just for high school! Start a book club with your friends or join a group in your community. We're all busy, but making time for something you enjoy is the best way to keep your life fun and interesting!