Romantic, Grown-Up Fort Ideas for a Nostalgic Date Night

There's no age limit for enjoying a good fort...especially if you're looking to enjoy a cozy night in with your significant other. From childhood memories to modern day inspiration, the possibilities for a magical fort are endless.

For this kind of date, growing up doesn't exist, and all rules go out the window. Here is some inspiration to get you started in creating the date night of your fantasies. 


1. Getting started: Drape sheets and blankets around living and bedroom furniture such as a couch, tabletop, bed, dresser, T.V etc. and build around them. Hang the sheets from the ceiling teepee style.

This can be done by clipping safety pins to the sheets and blankets. The top, two corners of the drapery can be hung from screw-eye hooks in the ceiling, which would be the only installation required, and worth keeping up for future fort-night dates with friends, lovers and family. 

2. Lights: Lighting is everything. Using candles and string lights is the best way to create a warm ambience worthy of a romantic evening. Depending on the height of the fort, it may be smart to use battery-powered candles to avoid any safety hazards. 

3. Outdoors: Forts don't just exist inside. Between treehouse inspiration and the use of tents, trampolines, teepees and trees, outdoor forts are perfect for a cozy-spring or summer evening, or for those brave lovers ready to bundle up in the chilly weather together. There is, in fact, such a thing as a double-sized, 15-degree sleeping bag.

Get creative, get romantic, put on that perfect playlist or movie, have that kid-inspired snack, but most of all, get silly! This is a play fort after all :)