Ideas For Keeping Your Bridesmaids Looking Funky Fresh on Your Wedding Day

We love classic. But even better than classic is classy with a twist. Here are some ideas for your bridesmaids to keep those bridal party photos looking funky fresh and oh so girly. 

1. Temporary Tattoos (The ink isn't permanent, but the memories are)

2. Personalized Bridesmaid Robes (Because...they're sure to be used again and again)

3. Bridesmaid Badge of Honor (Through stressful times and the good, they were there for you. Give 'em this gold star, will you?)

4. Personalized Water Bottles for Necessary Hydration (For an extra touch, fill it with a special note for each girl)

5. Special Socks (To keep their feet warm while they get their makeup done and hang out with you on your special day!)