To The Wedding Dresses That Aren't White: We Love You, Also.

We're living in a society where what "should and shouldn't be" has gone from black and white to a fuzzy-gray color. Traditions are evolving, and the concept of being unique has begun to overrule the tradition of being classic. 

This "hip" new culture we live in is thriving,  bringing its creative spirit into all aspects by which we live day-to-day, including marriage. 

Many brides are throwing away the tradition of the white-wedding dress and putting their own spin on their bridal gown.

Get some inspiration from these unique and non-traditional wedding-dress styles that are not white, but still oh so beautiful. 


Hey beautiful, just FYI, you can ombre your gown just like your hair. This unique color-bleeding process is a gorgeous way to tie in the floral shades of your bouquet to your dress.


Sometimes, your wedding dress is the color of a mustard bottle...and it actually looks good. With floral accents on the lower-back hem of the dress, this stunner is seriously rocking the "IDGAF about tradition" and "I'm probably a really cool chick who may or may not live in Portland" look. I respect it.

Baby Blue

This beautiful, blue gown is a shade different enough to catch the eye, but gentle enough to ease the mind. With the sheer, sparkled netting at the bottom and flattering V-neck line, this dress reaches princess status, no question.


Roses are red, violets are blue, and I like this pink dress because it reminds me of when Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake. It made me a firm believer in the capability of the baby-pink wedding dress. It's delicate and tasteful, yet powerful in its soft hues. Whoever says pink "isn't their color" might resconsider after looking at this masterpiece. 


This shimmering fabric of magic, with it's gray undertones and effervescent glow, is exactly why girls like getting dressed up. With a wedding gown like this, you are sure to be a bride to remember. 


...So ladies, let your YOU-ness shine through your dress. It's not about tradition anymore, it's about letting your personality shine bright (like a diamond)...Thanks Rihanna for that one.