You're Never Too Old To Hate Tying Your Shoes(So Here's List of 5 Chic-Slip On Sneakers For You)

I don't need to delve into deep explanation as to why tying one's shoes can be a massive pain in the arse.

Especially when you're just running out to get the mail, quickly need to let your dog out, or like most of us, you're just in a hurry and want to sleep in for those 60 extra seconds that would normally be spent consumed in a fury of tangled laces.

Or what about when you want to take your shoes off at the office? Guuuurl, I got you covered.

After discovering the most magnificent pair of suede, navy-blue slip-on "sneakers," I am convinced that laces should only be for presentation and should have no actual function in footwear least in my own closet. 

Here are some styles and brands you should definitely put on your radar next time you're in the market for a pair of kicks. Take note that most of the brands and shoes listed offer other styles of slip ons on their websites as well.

 Dolce Vita Zoyas

I admit, I own these. These Zoya sneakers from Dolce Vita also come in a nice brown color. Not only can I wear them casually, but they look chic AF when going out at night and can be worn with/without socks. Highly recommend.(Not that I'm biased or anything)

American Eagle Cheetah Platforms

These are just for you, you crazy animal. Get your meowwwwwie on with these cheetah-print slip ons. Ideal for crazy fashionistas and not too expensive either.

Steve Madden ECNTRCV

Burgundy velvet slip ons to remind you that Hugh Hefner does exist. And also, to make you feel like royalty. At least, that's what I think of. 

Steve Madden ELLIAS

These edgy, zipper-lined slip ons are perfect to make any outfit you're rocking sassy. They come in metallic-rose gold, white, metallic-pewter, and bright red. Take your pick.

Jeffrey Campbell MARVEY

White-leather slip ons are about as chic as it gets. The MARVEY style is also offered in black leather as well, a smoother-looking option than the zippered Steve Maddens.