Five Custom-Gift Ideas For The Dudes In Your Life(Based On Their Personalities)

1. For the Forgetful Dude

So, this dude always forgets his wallet. He's the guy who's driving without a license, no cash in his pockets for the valet guy, calling you like "Hey babe/hey darling/hey sis, 'Think you can do me a favor?'" We love this dude enough to accept his quirks and go out of our way to bring him his essentials, but let's be real, it is ESSENTIAL that this stops happening.

Here's a cool phone case that also serves as a card and cash holder. It's leather, custom-made, and trendy AF. This dude is not going to miss out on looking like Brad Pitt casually sipping on Scotch at the Ritz while he texts Angelina.

Maybe with this suave purchase, he'll stop forgetting his life at home. Head over to the barvaleather shop on Etsy.



2. For the Really, Really Clean Dude

We all know this dude. He's the one with the shirt that's always pressed and the immaculate home/apartment/bachelor pad. He's always clean-shaven and usually smells delicious. Sometimes, we're like "OK clean dude, chill out. You're making me feel like a cave man over here." But then other times, we're like "I love how clean you are. You're so put together and it's really relaxing/sexy/refreshing, etc."

Check out this hand-cut iPhone docking station/watch holder/wallet holder/sunglass holder. Yes, it's one item. And it keeps everything together. This dude will appreciate another opportunity to show off how organized he is.

Perfect for the kitchen, foyer or bedroom-night stand, check out this unique gift at LignumDesignsCo on Etsy.

3. For the Creative Dude

This dude is an artist of some sort. He likes photography, writing, design, drawing, music, painting, etc. He's the one who lights up your life with his visionary mind and expresses himself through his work. 

Whatever his work is, he most likely has a notebook/sketchbook, etc. of some sort that he carries around with him. His mind is always churning and having that pen and paper/laptop handy to write down ideas for a current or future project is extremely important.

For this inspired dude, you want to get him something that he can keep all of his stuff a man bag.

Check out this canvas-messenger bag from L.L. Bean that comes in three colors and has the option for monogrammed initials. 

4. For the Dude Chef

We all love the dude chef. He's the god of our foodie dreams. He's the master of the pantry. He's the most chased after of dudes. His edible creations leave us with happy tummies, and all smart people know that our stomachs are the way to our hearts. 

So for the nights that this dude is cooking away in the kitchen or grilling it up like Bobby Flay, I have just the gift you can give him. 

While he's jamming away to his favorite tunes and flipping that panini just right, give him some viewing pleasure with these funny kitchen towels from TheLilliePad that'll make him feel like a BO$$.

5. For the Dude That Likes to Travel

This dude is always somewhere. His social media account is full of photos of his adventures around the world. Your iPhone has its' own album dedicated to the photos he's sent you. His frequent flyer miles surpass the number of steps on your pedometer. 

Sometimes, it feels like his home is practically his suitcase. This is where your next gift comes in handy. Give this dude something that brings home to him, even when he's a million miles away. 

...Like this copper wallet card that contains a hand-written message. That way, every time he's away, your words are with him. The cards fit perfectly into a standard-sized wallet, and can be made with other metals like aluminum.  Check out RameWorks on Etsy for this airplane-friendly remembrance of your love.


Here's to making the dudes in your life happy.