Mother, 10 Things I Love About You

Mothers come in many forms: biological mothers, adoptive mothers, grandmothers, friends, and any other guardian figures that have helped us through life.

Momma bears, we love you.

And this Sunday, it's your holiday.

You really deserve more than that.

...Like an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii. Or an Italian Villa. Or a lifetime subscription to a wine/beer/tea/cheese of-the-month club. 

The possibilities are endless...endless like the amount of lessons you've taught us, the number of times you've helped us to get out of trouble, the number of hugs that you've held us in while we've cried.

But money and time, they get in the way sometimes.

Because, life.

It doesn't take a lot of time and money, though, to show appreciation.

Make a list of 10 things about your mother that you love, or 10 things that you are grateful for. Or if you're really feeling it, make a list of 100 things.

Really, these are just arbitrary numbers. This isn't English class, it's Mother's Day. Just let the words come to you.

And then email them, or write them in a card, or text them, or put them in a scroll and send a bird.

Or maybe have them delivered on horseback. As long as your mother's not allergic and you can find someone who has a horse.

It doesn't matter how far away she is. Your words will matter more than any gift you can give.

Because they come from your heart.

And this Sunday, let's let love pump through our veins and run into our heart ventricles for the amazing women who have helped us to become the people that we are.