Zac Posen Showed Us That Magic Really Does Exist

Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an extravagant fundraiser in New York City known as the Met Gala.

The goal is to raise money for the Costume Institute.

The reality is a lot of beautiful people hanging out and wearing designer dresses, suits and other forms of clothing(which are usually pretty bold and unique).

This year, Actress Claire Danes stole the show when she showed up in a real-life Cinderella gown. Her Zac Posen dress, a soft,baby blue, strapless and shimmer-lined ball gown shocked everyone when it started to LIGHT UP.

I mean light up as in there were actual lights sewn into the shimmery lining. She was literally GLOWING. She was a princess-cartoon character come to life. She was a starry night in human form.

Parties, fashion and events take a lot of planning and coordination.

In this case, it took 600 hours of planning, design and detailing to make this beautiful piece of fabric that left everyone in awe.

So let's give a big congratulations to Zac Posen for being undeniably brilliant and to Claire Danes for looking like fairytale royalty and making us all jealous.