Rock The Denim Dream This Memorial Day Weekend

Denim is like happiness. It never goes out of style.

So this weekend, while you're BBQing with friends, sailing on boats, swinging on front porches, watching fireworks, or doing whatever you party animals have planned, I suggest you rock that All-American denim look. 

This weekend is about honoring those who have served our country, but whoever said you can't do it while also being trendy?

I know you're busy. You want to be a summer-cutie pie, but you don't have time to think about what you're going to wear.

Don't worry, though, I'll be your red, white and blue fashion guru so that you're looking effortlessly fabulous this Memorial Day Weekend.

I take payment in the form of strawberry shortcake.

Let's start with the bottom and work our way to the top, shall we?

1. It goes without saying that blue jeans or blue jean shorts are a classic look. Keep it simple and you'll be Katharine Hepburn classic this holiday weekend.

2. Apparently there's some silly rule about not wearing white until Memorial Day, so  I'm excited to announce that it's time girls, it's TIME. What better way to kick off the summer than with some white jeans? Shorts, pants, capris, whatever works. 

3. If you want to get all 1990s on us, I'd suggest some jean overalls. This trend is back in style and I promise you'll be looking reaaaaal trendy, ladies. I would avoid this look, though, if you plan on getting plastered and know you're going to have to pee a lot. Let's be real;  It takes an extra sec or two to unhook yourself from this cute piece of denim...though very, very worth it. 

4. Jean Dresses. Enough Said.

5. And finally, accessories. Because they're fun. Add a nice red, white or blue top, headband, bag or bandana. Stripes and polka dots welcome. Hats. Sunglasses. They're all great.

Happy Memorial Day You Patriotic Bombshells.