3 Essentials That Are Bringing California Cool to Colorful Colorado

'Tis the season for lake hanging and mountain adventures. So as the spring sets in and the summer season approaches, let's let the sunshine warm our bodies and faces in style. 

It's no question that there are a lot of California transplants who have made Colorado their second home, because let's face it, it's pretty great here.

So let's "hang ten" in the mountains with these 3 California-based essentials that will give us a little taste of that ocean breeze.

1.  Bare Republic Natural Sunscreen   is the the latest in sunscreen technology: UVA/UVB protection, absolutely no chemical additives, water-resistent, no paragons and no retinal-palmitate.

If any of these names sound scary, it's because yes, they are, and no, they probably don't belong on our faces and bodies. 

This product is sold exclusively at Target...So when you're going to pick up those cleaning products and you end up with 20 other things in your cart, add this one, too. We all know that Target is a magical vortex where impulse buys are unavoidable, but this sunscreen will be an unregrettable one.

2. CALi DREAMing is a swimwear brand based out of Los Angeles. They make both bikinis and one-pieces. Their designs bring a casual simplicity to swimwear, so you can wear them while lounging around by the water, hanging in your hammock, or even with a pair of shorts while hiking.

Maybe wear a one piece with some shorts and sandals to grab a brewski? You might be the trendiest and most envied girl in the bar. Just saying.

Plus, they've been featured in a lot of popular magazines, like Sports Illustrated, Seventeen, Self, Elle, Men's Health, GQ, etc., so you can feel like a star/model/trendsetter, too.

The brand was created by two Canadians, so they must get us. Because, well...snow.

3. San Diego Hat Company  is a hat company based out of, you guessed it, San Diego. 

This Southern California brand has made its way to stores across the country for its versatile headwear. Get classy, get sassy...whatever works.

Are you a fedora chick? A cowgirl? A sunhat with a little flair kind of gal? Whatever you are, they've got you covered. <----Accidental Pun. There are also hats for men and children, so you can hook up the husband/boyfriend/friends/kiddos in your life, too.

Hats are great because while you get to look awesome, you're also keeping the sun  off of that beautiful face of yours, especially if you're already fried like a chicken and the color of your skin matches the tomato salad I plan on making for lunch.