Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts

Stressed with all the big day planning? Well we will make choosing your dessert a piece of cake! There are so many different and unique options for your dessert display on your wedding day; from donut walls to the classic layered cake, your guests' sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied!  

Spin off a classic layered cake by adding flowers or elegant patterns and designs, simple yet still absolutely stunning

Still want cake but something a little more unique? Decorative cake pops are fun and easy to eat, theme the colors with the colors of your wedding and be creative with the arrangement  

Donut stress about your desserts! Not into cakes? Create a donut wall or bar, it is fun, trendy, and something your guests will never forget! 

Add a pop of color to your dessert table by using colored macaroons! They are easy, fun, and there are so many different flavors your guests can choose from. You also can get creative with the display of your macaroons 

Milk Glass Productions just planned a 40th birthday party! We had an assortment of different desserts including cake, cookies, and uniquely decorated cupakes

~Love is sweet~