The 88th Academy Awards! Do You Want To Walk Down The Red Carpet?

After cuddling up on your couch to watch the countless number of Oscar nominated films, the 88th Academy Awards are finally here! We always need some excuse to throw a magnificent party and here, ladies and gents, is a great party idea! Follow these tips to throw an award winning Oscar party this year! 


1. Dress to impress: If you are going to be watching the Oscars live and watching the stars strut down the Red Carpet, why not theme your party as if you and your guests will be walking down the infamous Red Carpet as well!  

2. Pajamas and Tiaras: Want a more casual theme? Tell your guests to wear their pajamas but add a tiara! Super fun and definitely a more comfortable outfit to be enjoying the 2016 Academy Awards.

3. We all dream in GOLD: Who doesn't love gold? Make it easy for your guests and tell them to come dressed in anything gold to match the Oscar statue of course! 


1. Photo Booth: Stage an area for photos with a cardboard backdrop and balloons. Lay a red carpet out to take some pictures of you and your guests walking down in your amazing attire!

2. Best dressed: Give prizes for the best dressed, most creative, cutest couple, etc. 

3. Oscar challenge: Handout a ballot and before the night begins have your guests fill out who they think will win in each category! The guest who correctly guesses the most Academy Award winners gets a prize!


1. Potluck: Have everyone help you out and bring something over for the party to share! 

2. Finger food: Have some food that is easy to eat while watching the Oscars. Tip: if your guests are going to come dressed in gowns and tuxedos, the less messy the food the better. 

3. Desserts: Always a must in any situation! Be festive and theme your desserts for the Academy Awards!

Go get creative and throw the best Academy Award party of 2016!