Three New Christmas Traditions to Start with your Significant Other

        It's never too late to start new traditions, especially you newlywed couples or those looking to spice up the holidays this year with more than just cinnamon. 

Here are some ways for you and your partner to take advantage of the holiday magic: 

1. Write a letter to each other to have ready by Christmas morning.

Just like Santa is greeted with cookies and milk, put the letter on a plate with your SO's favorite sweet treat. Hide the letter and the treat in the house somewhere and have your partner look for it. They have to read your letter (which can contain anything you'd like, such as memories of the past year, why you are grateful for them, a funny joke, etc.) before they can eat! Store these letters in a Christmas traditions box and watch as they stack up over the years. 

2. Get a pair of matching holiday socks to wear on Christmas day.

Pick the socks out together, and wear them on Christmas day. Be sure to take a yearly picture. Before you know it, you'll have a whole collection! And who doesn't love Christmas socks?

3. Spend Christmas Eve driving around to look at Christmas lights. 

Find THAT neighborhood...the one where all the houses are glowing. Pack some hot cocoa in a thermos and make a mixed tape of your favorite holiday/cheesy love/anytime music. Label the CD and add it to your Christmas traditions box when the night is through. If you live in a city, share a pair of split headphones and walk around all bundled up. Drive or walk until the CD finishes, at least! 


May your Christmas be full of love and new traditions.