The Health Benefits Of The Human Touch

        In case you live under a rock, it's fall: also known as the season of crisp air, crackling leaves and voted #1 time-of-the-year by basic b*tches. I am not ashamed to fall into this category. But, I don't only like fall because of lattes or because I have the potential to look adorable while also hiding the ice cream-filled potato that I am becoming underneath my layers. I like fall because I really, really like cuddling. 

But, cuddling isn't just cute and a fantastic gateway drug into sexy time. It's actually really good for your health as well. Yeah, it's HEALTHY. Do you need any more of a reason to get all up on your lover?

...Besides the fact that they're probably also exceptionally good-looking and kind (I trust that you all have superb taste in humans.)

1. Cuddling Releases Oxytocin

It's a hormone that make you feel good. It is associated with pair bonding, and is stimulated during cuddling...and sex. "I love when my hormones change," said no woman ever. But, I beg to differ in this case.

2. Cuddling Boosts Your Immune System, Relieves Pain and Stress

I told you, it's healthy. Basically, when we're stressed out (which is usually often, because let's face it, we're all kind of crazy), our cortisol levels spike. High levels of cortisol can weaken our immune system and just generally cause our bodies to go haywire, increasing our blood pressure, etc. But, because of the release of oxytocin, cortisol is inhibited, and we feel better. Less pain, less chance of heart disease, less stress and anxiety, etc. The human body is pretty magical.

3. Cuddling Reduces Social Anxiety

...So, give someone a hug when they come to your party, ok? Especially when they only know one of your friends there, the one who's a nurse and just loves to talk in detail about how they got thrown up on at work. Your germaphobic guest needs to feel confident enough to meet other, interesting people who don't talk about bodily fluids at a party. So, fill them with Oxytocin. And then booze. And then don't let them drive home drunk. 

4. Cuddling Can Lead To Sexy Time

I repeat, cuddling can lead to sexy time. The human touch doesn't have to be "sexual" to release dopamine, but when dopamine is released, sexual desire is increased. And regular sex has a whole other lot of health benefits, including stress relief, opportunity for physical activity and well, fun (hopefully).

5.Cuddling Doesn't Have To Be Sexual, Though

You can cuddle with your pet(my personal favorite), your family or your friends. You can even hire a professional, non-sexual cuddler. Google "professional cuddling" for more information.

Enjoy yourselves, you snuggle monkeys, and let the Oxytocin run freely through your bloodstream during this magnificent, fall season.