A Winning Game Plan

Omaha, Set, Hike! Peyton Manning will be leading the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl 50 this Sunday! You know what that means.... SUPER BOWL PARTY! What a better way celebrate our home team going to the Super Bowl than to throw an amazing game day party that everyone will want to attend. 

First off, to throw the perfect Super Bowl party you must consider your guests and plan accordingly to the type of Super Bowl party goers.... yes we all are thinking it, guys decked out in their favorite team's jersey (Broncos cough cough) drinking beer and screaming at the TV when they do not agree with the referee's play call. So how do you accommodate for all the chaos? Here are a few helpful tips for a great Super Bowl party: 

Seating: Since you are probably going to have more people over than is allotted for the capacity of your couch, a great way to seat everyone for the big game is stadium seating. Mimic the stadium setups and put some bean bags or cushions on the floor and some tall bar stools behind the couch. If that doesn't hold everyone don't worry, there are always those fans that are too anxious to sit down anyways!

Food: No one wants to cook a huge meal for 10+ guests! Plus since you are going to be watching the Super Bowl no one wants to have a sit down meal, so instead do something easy! Veggies and dip or a cheese, meat, and cracker plate are always a hit or call in a pizza and wings! Ask your guests to contribute as well and have a variety of snacks. 

Dessert: Here is a cute idea, take the traditional chocolate covered strawberry and decorate it with white icing to look like a football! Super cute and super creative for the Super Bowl!

Let's go Broncos!