Fall Favorites: How to Get the Most Out of Autumn at Your Next Event

There is a lot to backup the statement that fall might be the best season of them all. The crisp weather, the beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, big sweaters, caramel apples…the list goes on. If you’re planning on having a party this fall – whether it is a formal wedding or a cozy neighborhood soiree, consider incorporating this beautiful season into your theme. To get you started, here are some things that are simply wonderful in fall: 


Without a doubt, the best in-season fruit of fall is the apple. So what could be better than this cider recipe for Honeycrisp and Bourbon Spiced Cider from Spoon Fork Bacon?

Fun Fact: The honeycrisp apple was derived from the cross-pollination of the Macoun and Honeygold apple by Univeristy of Minnesota scientists in 1960 [via]

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